Da Vinci Land

Da Vinci Land: A New Benchmark in Bespoke Luxury

In the heart of Singapore's thriving property market, Da Vinci Land has established itself as a beacon of luxury and exclusivity. As an award-winning developer, Da Vinci Land is celebrated for its breakthroughs in premium luxury, creating not just homes but masterpieces of living space artistry. Their portfolio, which includes the sold-out Luce Del Sole and the ongoing The Giardino at Surin Lane, along with the recently launched REGALITÀ at Coronation West Road, speaks volumes of their commitment to excellence and bespoke design.

Our experience at PropertyGiant with Da Vinci Land has been nothing short of exceptional. The sale of Luce Del Sole stands as a testament to their unyielding dedication to quality and their unique approach to personalized luxury. The seamless transaction and outstanding client satisfaction have solidified our partnership with this visionary developer.

REGALITÀ: The epitome of upscale living by Da Vinci Land

The Da Vinci Experience: Tailored Elegance

Da Vinci Land prides itself on the Da Vinci Experience—an intimate collaboration with clients, guided by a team of visionary architects and designers. This signature approach is evident in their meticulous curation of materials and keen attention to detail, ensuring that each home aligns perfectly with the owner’s aspirations. The client reviews echo this sentiment, lauding the team's responsiveness, expertise, and the journey of building dream houses that are not only functional but nourishing to the soul.

The Da Vinci Land management team

Leadership and Recognition

The man behind the vision, Raymond Phua, Founder & CEO, has pioneered a legacy of opulence and individuality, leading Da Vinci Land to be shortlisted as the Best Breakthrough Developer at the prestigious PropertyGuru's 13th Asia Property Awards. His commitment to crafting unique sanctuaries for homeowners has set a new paradigm in developer homes in Singapore.

The expertise within Da Vinci Land is further amplified by the likes of Bing Hui Tan and Nai Yan Xu, Principal Design Directors, who bring their award-winning architectural prowess to the forefront of every project. Charlene Koh, the Sales & Marketing Director, with her impressive background and personal journey, infuses a philosophy that a home should be a sanctuary—a place where comfort and memories intertwine.

Distinctive design blends seamlessly with modern architecture.

A Future Built on Excellence

The awards and accolades Da Vinci Land has garnered serve as a beacon of their innovative spirit and relentless pursuit of excellence. With such commendation from the industry and the heartfelt endorsements from clients, it is clear that Da Vinci Land is not merely constructing homes; they are sculpting a future where luxury, innovation, and bespoke design converge.

PropertyGiant invites discerning homeowners to explore the offerings of Da Vinci Land—a journey of architectural excellence, personalized luxury, and homes that stand as a testament to the pinnacle of high-end living. Join us in celebrating the art of fine property development and the creation of spaces that are not just lived in but cherished.

Landed Property

New Developments For Sale by Da Vinci Land

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