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Creating an Unforgettable Real Estate Experience for Our Valued Clients.

PropertyGiant Malaysia is a trusted team of licensed real estate agents that go beyond transactions. With a results-oriented approach to buying and selling and marketing property, we strive to create a unique and exceptional experience for our amazing clients.
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An eclectic mix of people skilled in various spheres from sales and analytics to digital media and design, the PropertyGiant team works within a highly collaborative space to provide our clients with reliable premium services you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.
  • Real Estate Salespersons
  • In-house Media Production
  • Marketing & Tech Support
  • Research & Analytics
  • Bankers & Lawyers
  • Developers & Builders

Backed by In-house Marketing, Media Gurus & Tech Wizards.

Our mission is to ensure all of our clients, regardless of whether they are buyers, sellers or developers, a seamless and stress-free real estate experience.
Combining the strengths of highly experienced realtors from various real estate agencies, marketing creators, and developers, we aim to redefine the real estate landscape through a modern digital lens.
We are committed to delivering cutting-edge digital trends and effective advertising strategies at every opportunity throughout our journey.

Price You Decide.Property We Market.

We breathe new life into this classic game with a reliable and warm approach.
Building long-lasting relationships is key, and it all starts with trust – the foundation of our values.

What You Desire, We Deliver.

Read what our clients say about us. We have helped many clients achieve their real estate goals successfully!

Frequently AskedQuestions

There are so many property agents in the Malaysia market. Why should I choose the PropertyGiant team instead of an independent real estate agent to serve me? 
Does PropertyGiant team co-broke with other property agents?
I wish to sell my house.  How can PropertyGiant help me sell my property?
I wish to buy a property. How can PropertyGiant help me?
I am a foreigner staying overseas, looking to invest in property in Singapore. How can Property Giant help me?
I am a developer, looking for a team to market and sell my units.  Why should I choose Property Giant for this role?
I saw a Video Home tour by Property Giant and would like a similar video shoot for my property too. How much does it cost and what is involved? 
I just bought my house and wish to do some Additions and Alterations or Reconstruction.  How can Property Giant help me? 

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